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how to watch NBA League Pass 10 live tv for free online

how to watch NBA League Pass 10 live tv for free online

Watch NBA League Pass 10 Live TV for Free Online: Game On!

Step-by-Step Guide to Catch All the Action


Hey, basketball fans! Want to catch all the electrifying action of the NBA League Pass 10 without breaking the bank? Look no further! Here’s an easy-to-follow guide that’ll help you stream every game live and for free. Let’s dive in and get you courtside, virtually!

Method 1: Smart DNS Proxy Services

Step 1: Choose Your Proxy Service

Select a reliable Smart DNS proxy service like Unlocator or Smart DNS Proxy. They’ll allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and access NBA League Pass 10 from anywhere in the world.

Step 2: Set Up Your Proxy Service

Follow the instructions provided by your chosen proxy service to set it up on your device. This usually involves changing your DNS settings.

Step 3: Sign Up for NBA League Pass 10

Head over to the NBA League Pass website and create an account. You’ll need to select a subscription plan. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get it for free in the next step!

Step 4: Activate Your Proxy Service

Once you’ve subscribed to NBA League Pass 10, activate your proxy service. This will allow you to access the service from your location.

Step 5: Enjoy Live NBA Action!

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the live NBA games on NBA League Pass 10. You’ll have access to every matchup, including playoffs and All-Star games.

Method 2: Free Trial Option

Step 1: Create an NBA League Pass 10 Account

Visit the NBA League Pass website and sign up for an account. Make sure to provide accurate information.

Step 2: Select Your Free Trial

During the sign-up process, you’ll be offered a free trial period. Select the trial option that best suits you.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Free NBA Games

Once you’ve activated your free trial, you’ll have access to all the live NBA games on NBA League Pass 10. Catch every dunk, three-pointer, and buzzer-beater without spending a dime!


There you have it, folks! With these two methods, you can watch NBA League Pass 10 live TV for free online. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to catch some exciting basketball action, these methods have got you covered. So, grab your popcorn, gather your friends, and get ready to witness the greatest moments in basketball history. Let the games begin!